Contribution on creativity


This page contains a list of contributions on creativity and their links with the mind, brain functioning, intelligence, mental disorders, deviance, and suicide.

The contributions are in English or in Italian, and most of them are available on-line. A list of links related to the same topic is to be found at the bottom of the page.



Antonio Preti, Paola Miotto: Creatività (site using Italian language only)

Antonio Preti: The gift of Saturn: Creativity and psychopathology

Antonio Preti,  Paola Miotto: Creativity, evolution and mental illness

Antonio Preti, Paola Miotto: The contribution of psychiatry to the study of creativity

Antonio Preti: Creativity, genetics and mental illness

Antonio Preti: Language, creativity and the speciation of Homo Sapiens

Antonio Preti, Paola Miotto: Suicide among eminent artists.  Psychological Reports, 1999; 84: 291-301

Antonio Preti, Francesca De Biasi, Paola Miotto: Musical creativity and suicide. Psychological Reports, 2001; 89: 719-727

Antonio Preti: The man in the High Castle. Creativity and schizophrenia. January, 2006

Antonio Preti, Marcello Vellante: Creativity and psychopathology: Higher rates of psychosis-proneness and non-right handedness among creative artists compared to same-age and -gender peers. Journal of Nervous & Mental Disease, 2007, 195: 837-845.





Are genius and madness related? (Dean Keith Simonton, Ph.D.)

Creativity Café

Creativity Web

Manic-Depressive Disorder and Creativity

The cost of creativity (By Lauren Cahoon, Radha Chitale, and Aina Hunter)

The art of the mentally ill (Allan Beveridge, MPhil FRCPsych)

Center for Studies in Creativity

LauraMarieAnderson : This site illustrates the links between creativity and mental suffering through a wide range of works of art .. Laura lives with Bipolar 2 with psychotic features and PTSD with some interesting dissociative features. Laura uses her art as a reality check to see how she is feeling, and to give others that experience these extreme emotions a place to be able to say: I have felt like, or I feel like that.